TT MK2 DSG cooler kit

Kit Fits: DQ250 (Referent year 06"~14")
TT MK2 DSG cooler kit
TT MK2 DSG cooler kit
TT MK2 DSG cooler kit
TT MK2 DSG cooler kit
TT MK2 DSG cooler kit

Katecool new development AUDI TT MK2 Transmission(DSG) oil cooler kit. Especially designed for your AUDI TT MK2.
The Katecool engine oil cooler can be installed in front of bumper directly for cooling down the oil temperature efficiently by hit the wind.

The Katecool engine oil cooler for AUDI TT MK2 drops temperature over 15 degres after our on-rode testing.
You can be sure that this kits definitely your best choice, just keep your AUDI TT MK2 Stay Cool, Motor On!


Features and Benefits

  • Directly fit application designed especially for AUDI TT MK2.
  • Medium size British 14-row oil circuit.
  • Thermostability oil hose, the exterior covered with heat-resistance nylon braided net.
  • Banjo 360°orientation to facilitate the installation.
  • Sandwich plate adaptor and accessories are made from T6 6061 CNC'd aluminum.
  • Compatible with OEM cooler systems.
  • Lifetime warranty


Temperature Difference

  • Over 15 degrees



Brand Model Type Engine
AUDI TT MK2 06"~14" EA-113
AUDI TT MK2 06"~14" EA-888II



Fits automatic and manual applications.