2' F22 Intercooler

Kit Fits :2' F22 (Referent year 14"+)

Having a wonderful journey with BMW 2 series F22 your turbo car is always come with the car maintenance and care under good condition.

The intercool that Kate Cool designed for BMW 2 series F22 constructed of 100% aluminum material to light the weight, that makes better heat conductivity.

The BMW 2 series F22 intercooler reduces intake temperatures by more than 15°C and reduce the pressure while retaining factory boost pressure across the core. 


Features and Benefits

  • Exquisite craftsmanship
  • Stable and durable quality.
  • Direct-fit.
  • Corresponding to OEM snap points.
  • Damage-resistance drill holes.
  • Compatible with OEM cooler systems.
  • Lifetime warranty.


Temperature Difference

  • Over 15 degrees



Brand Model Type Engine
BMW 1' F20 11"+ N54
BMW 1' F20 12"+ N20
BMW 2' F22 14"+ N54
BMW 2' F22 14"+ N20
BMW 3' F30 11"+ N54
BMW 3' F30 11"+ N20
BMW 4' F32 13"+ N54
BMW 4' F32 13"+ N20



Fits automatic and manual applications.