GOLF MK7.5 R Auxiliary Radiator


KATCECOOL provides complete collection of aluminum water-cooling systems for Golf MK7/ 7.5R including upgrade radiator, auxiliary radiators (both engine and DSG sides compatible)

Auxiliary radiator is with 45mm thickness dual pass circuit of high quality aluminum material. In addition, OE insect net is modified to 2mm aluminum alloy punching plate with 600 hole to carry out better radiation and protecting the core.

Advantages of applying dual pass circuit of high quality aluminum material are to radiate heat effectively, extend radiator lifetime and keep engine and gearbox in stable working temperature.


Features and Benefits

  • Made of original aluminum material and shown as its original texture without polishing or paint spraying processes
  • Water Capacity Increase 50%
  • Heat Radiation Increase 30%
  • Fits both Right Side and Left Side



  • Core thickness




Brand Model Year
AUDI​ A3 / 8V 12"+
AUDI​ TTS MK3 14"+
Volkswagen GOLF MK7 R 13"+
Volkswagen GOLF MK7.5 R 13"+
Skoda Superb 13"+



Fits automatic and manual applications.