An overheating always like an overwhelming to your engine, so upgrade to an all-aluminum Kate Cool radiator will be your best choice.

The OEM radiator normally started water leaking as aging of O-ring with temperature changes, and the tragedy is leaking problem always comes without announcement.

So why do you need to take the risk?


Kate Cool radiator is high-qualified with crafted weld aluminum, not only the every slits of the fins, but also every pathway are well-weld and all-aluminum.

The Kate Cool's exclusive "Hoop" design at the both openings of the radiator, contribute to withstand pressure in that waterway and eliminate leaky problem.


Kate Cool's aluminum radiator has 30% greater cooling capacity than the OEM radiator, the durability of Kate Cool radiator is almost have lifetime to your vehicles.


KEEP your car COOL    &    MOTOR ON our mission!